Mini Longboard – The Ninjah by Chronic

Ninja SurfboardThe Ninjah Nose Rider by Chronic is an excellent alternative to riding a long board.  The Ninjah Nose Rider has all the features of a nine or ten foot nose rider shrunk down to 6’6 to 7’6 range.  The width starts at 22”.  The nose is usually 18” or more.  The tails are at least 15”.  These are typical long board numbers but the Ninjah is 6’6 to 7’6.  The Ninjah also has a low entry rocker and a slight kick in the tail.  The fin set up is usually a two plus one.  The center box will give you the option of using a longer fin for nose riding.

On small days the Ninjah Nose Rider really shines.  Short enough to duck dive and ride hard off the tail and back into the face.  Sound like fun?  Don’t answer yet, you can take half a step and you are nose riding.  This is the best of both worlds on the small days.  This board paddles great, duck dives, nose rides and can go vertical up the face.