The Bully Surfboard – Never Too Big To Rip!

Bully SurfboardThere are plenty of big guys out there that want to surf a shortboard but they can’t find one with enough volume.  They are sick of being stuck on longboards when the waves are good and they don’t plan on losing 100lbs to ride the shortboards that most surf shops stock.  Surf shops have plenty of short boards for the guys that weigh 100 to 175lbs.  If you are between 175 to 190lbs you might get lucky and find one in stock.  If you are over 190lbs…over 200lbs…then what?  You have to order custom and most shapers don’t want to shape anything that big.

Chronic’s not scared…he developed the Bully Model for the XXXL size surfers.  The Bully Model is a shortboard on steriods.  These boards are designed for surfers from 200 to 300lbs+++.  The Bully is made from 6’4 to 7’6.  The minimum width is 21 1/2, the maximum width is 23 3/4.  Minimum thickness is 2 7/8 to a maximum of 3 3/8.  We can go even bigger on a custom order.  The Bully is a performance shortboard outline, performance rocker with single to double concaves.  The volume carries though out the whole board to give you maximum floatation.  So throw that salad in the garbage and get a plate lunch… with an extra scoop of rice.  You don’t need to suffer through a diet or give up the greenies…just get The Bully Model.