Alternative Surfboards – The Chronic Blunt Model

The Chronic Blunt Model is a board that can do it all.  We designed this board for the surfer that is going to ride it in one foot surf and take to double over head surf.   The outline has a great curve especially through the hip.  This curve allows the board to hold into bigger barreling surf.  The entry rocker is low with a slight flip tip.  This allows the board to paddle well and still make late drops.  The tail rocker is a little less than a performance short board.  The wide round tail keeps it loose.

The Chronic Blunt Model has the widest range of the short boards.  The Bud Model is usually an inch to an inch and a half wider than your regular short board.  The center is only an 1/8 thicker than your regular short board but the rails are tapered.