The Chronic Bud Model – It Smokes the Rest!

The Chronic Bud Model is a very unique board.  The outline looks like a wider short board with straight lines through the hips.  This helps provide drive in mushy surf.  The tail is a chop tail.  It has not been foiled which leaves a lot of foam in the tail.  The chop tail allows the rider surf much harder off his back foot.  Your overall stance can be more even.  The rocker is slightly less than a performance short board.  The Chronic Bud Model is made from 5’5 to 7’0.  The width is usually at least an inch and half wider than your regular short board but the same thickness.

The Chronic Bud Model has a very stable fast feel.  You can push the tail harder than your other boards.  This board has a big range.  You will be able to grovel in one foot slop or push it into double overhead surf.  The Chronic Bud Model is a great all round board that has a unique fun feel.