Sign Boards

We have a lot of requests for sign boards especially in Hawaii. It is pretty common to surf boards used as signs in restaurants and many other businesses. We are regularly making sign boards for the liquor distributors, beer companies, energy drinks, race teams and even accounting firms. Some are built just to display artwork.

The first thing you want to consider is where is it going to be displayed. Will it be vertical or horizontal? How will it be hung? Display racks or hung like a picture frame? Then we can consider how to get the artwork on the board. We have two very talented air brush artists that can paint anything you can dream up. We also offer digital imaging on a sublimated fabric. This is the most popular right now because it is photo quality and really holds the color. For either method we like to get a high resolution photo or a vectored file to work from.

Sign boards are almost always gloss polish. If you want a sand finish we can do that too. The last thing to consider when ordering a sign board is if you want fins and a leash cup. Some customers want the board to look like it is ready to ride others just want the shape.



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