Pyzel and Chronic Ripping Into Summer 2014

HSFComboShotSo here it is – just a taste of what’s coming out of the Hawaii Surf Factory for summer 2014.  Newest into the Hawaii Surf Factory mix are surfboards shaped by North Shore shaper Pyzel.  Yep, Pyzel of John John Florence high flying and sic barrel running fame.

Pyzel (originally from Santa Barbara) started out fixing dings in 1992, worked his way up to full time glasser and shaped himself his first board around 1995. Jeff Bushman soon took him under his wing and put him to work in the shaping bay, which helped him refine his skills and he has been shaping for his living ever since.

But summer is around the corner so it’s time for everyone to go CHRONIC!!  A new line of Bully’s, Mini Slingers, Roaches, Ninjas and south shore longboards are coming over from the factory as you can see in the pics.  And last but not least – you can DOWNLOAD our latest in-shop inventory boards and prices but BE SURE to call Pete before you get all amped over a board you see on the list – good chance it might be gone.