How Social Media is Changing Surfings Sponsorship Chances

There’s no two ways about it but social media has clanged the shape (no pun) of how groms are getting sponsorships.  Much like how one would send in a “reel” of a young football player to a university coach, YouTube has become the vehicle to where young surfers from around the world are getting plucked for sponsorship.

In this video is Hawaii Surf Factory’s internet and social media manager “Geebz” sharing with you how you can better your chances to get your surfing out to the world with what is called SEO tricks (search engine optimization).  This is also a MUST if you’re a photojournalist or videographer!


In the future every surfer and shaper should have a pro-reel posted on YouTube.  There is a killer story behind what you do and why you do it.  If you’re a budding shaper or even a legend the story is KEY.  In the past the story was attached to the person riding the board (big name pros) but you can really make an impact on a region with powerful branding campaign with video.

There are design reasons why you shape the way you do.  Perhaps not to give away anything in a video but to explain the “why”.  Have fun with shape failures too.  Pull out an old board that was a total fail and laugh about it.  Any shapers worth anything out there will tell you about their epic design fails.

You can’t conquer the world until you take over your backyard.  We all dream big – want to be famous and rich but the real test is how well you can manage your local area.  For instance, Hungry SUP Boards in Florida has worked real hard on just saturating their area with the brand.  This has spilled out to the state of Florida and now they are getting orders throughout the north-east states.  It all started in the shop…..

If you want to check out more on Geebz and his company here in Hawaii >