Otis Schaper – Chronic Surfboards – Hawaii Surf Factory

1958-Born.  1960-Swam on the first day of swimming lessons.  1966-, Began bodysurfing. 1969- Bought my first surfboard. 1972-Convicted of interstate transport of a stolen auto and various other offenses, left home to go surf and never went back….CHRONIC.  1975-Began learning to play guitar.  1977-Arrested for surfing, cited for disorderly conduct…CHRONIC.  1979-Received eleven stitches in the arm from a shark bite while surfing.  1980-Began working on surfboards.  1981-Added two fins to a 5’7 twin, rode it all winter inPuerto Rico…CHRONIC.  1982-First band “Mango Jam” opened for top rock group atAguadillain Puerto Rico.  The crowd of 650 incited a riot…CHRONIC.  1983-Flew to Spain with $650 and a Black and Decker 5000 to make surfboards on a handshake and three days notice…CHRONIC.  Nearly succumbed to excessive night activities in the Basque country.  Wintered in theCanary Islandson $5 a day…CHRONIC.  1983-Dirt road trip thru West African desert to find mysto point break, arrested and barely avoided incarceration in one of the worst jails in the world…CHRONIC.  1985-Made a five fin board with a proprietary removable fins system for versatility while traveling and tested it extensively inMexicoandEl Salvador.  1986-Shaped first board.  1987-Moved toOahu.  1990-Married, first day of honeymoon surfed Uluwatu for five hours…CHRONIC.  1992-“Otis & The Abusers”, notorious for climaxing shows with a surfboard sacrifice get extensive radio play with “I Feel The Need” (To smoke some weed.)  1994-Third Band, “The Strangers”.  2003-Started the CHRONIC label and never looked back…CHRONIC…you decide.