Hawaii Surf Factory is just above the North Shore and is Hawaii’s premier surf board factory.  Our shapers are the best Hawaii has to offer.  Our laminators and sanders are the most experienced craftsmen in the business.  With over 35 years of experience in every aspect of surfboard manufacturing.  We only use the finest materials available, US Blanks, Silmar Resin, Hexcel Fiberglass and our own proprietary epoxy developed with engineers at Endurance Technologies.

If you have seen pictures of the worlds’ top pro surfers charging Pipeline, Sunset, Rocky Point or Waimea chances are those boards were built at Hawaii Surf Factory. Hawaii’s most experienced shapers know the importance of exceptional glass job, that’s why we have build boards for Dick Brewer, Ben Aipa, Chronic, Mike Casey, Pyzel, Mitsu, Dennis Pang, Tommy Tanaka, Al Merrick, Wade and Kerry Tokoro, Jeff Bushmann,Glenn Minami, Cino, Mike Tuten, Kekoa Uemura, Keoki, Slick, Makani and Makamae.

Hawaii Surf Factory is a full service facility.  If you would like color on your board we offer air brushing, pigment or tint laminations, foam stains and high resolution digital imaging. Air brushing offers more variety and detail but some air brush colors can be UV sensitive and fade over time.  We have two very talented air brush artists that can create anything you want.  Of course, the more intricate the design the higher the price will be. Pigment or tint lamination is simple putting the color in resin which saturates the fiberglass cloth.  This can be done with one color or many colors to form an abstract, marble, tiger stripe or wood grain.  In this process you are limiting your design by the trimmed ends of the fiberglass cloth.

A foam stain is adding the color to the resin and applying it to the blank with a squeegee before the lamination process.  A foam stain primes the surface before lamination which can give a stronger bond between the fiberglass and the blank.  We can foam stain the whole board one color, multiple colors, stripes or any free hand design you can dream up.  Foam stain lacks the crisp detail of air brush but the colors will not fade over time.

Hawaii Surf Factory also does fabric inlays.  Hawaiian prints are popular but any fabric can be used as long as it is thin and the ink does not bleed.  We also offer high resolution digital prints on fabric.  This can be photo quality.  The fabric inlay can be the whole board or just a portion of the board.  We recommend a pin line around fabric inlays.  The threads of the fabric can be seen after it is trimmed and a pin line will give it a cleaner look.

Hawaii Surf Factory’s standard glass job is one layer on the bottom and two layers on the top of Hexcel E cloth and Silmar resin.  Extra layers can be added for $2 per foot per layer.  The standard fiberglass is Hexcel E cloth in 4oz, 6oz or 7.5oz.  We also have Volan in 7.5oz but this does require a cut lap which is an additional $55 per side.

We also offer S-cloth in 4oz and 6oz.  The 4oz S-cloth costs $1.50 per foot per layer and the 6oz S-cloth is $2 per foot per layer.  S-cloth is excellent for overall strength.  Most of the big guns and boards for Pipeline get S-cloth.  If you are breaking boards or worried about breaking boards S-cloth is worth the extra expense.  You can also request bigger laps cut by the laminator.  This does not cost any extra.

Hawaii Surf Factory also offers Chromaveil which is a 2oz fiberglass cloth that has images printed on it.  It is a special order and you would have to contact us to get a quote.

We also offer epoxy lamination with our proprietary epoxy that was developed with the engineers at Endurance Technologies.  Our epoxy stays clear longer than any other epoxy on the market and offers unmatched strength to weigh ratio.

Hawaii Surf Factory offers three finishes.  We have a pro sand finish which is finished with 320 grit.  Pros prefer this finish for the crisp feel.  If you are going to paint or draw on your board your board you will want this finish.  The second finish is our standard show room finish.  This is sanded to 600 grit and given a light polish.  It is a very shinny sand finish.  Finally our last finish is gloss polish which is unmatched.  If you have a ordered a board with exceptional color or artwork you will definitely want a gloss polish finish.

Our stock boards are not production pop outs. They are limited in supply and the boards change daily. If you can’t find exactly what you want, then order a custom board. Custom boards take longer, but to an avid surfer, custom is the only way to go.

We are always happy to make anything you can dream up.  If you go to our “Custom Boards” page you can fill out the quote request for your dream board.